Andrea Bird - Encaustic mixed-media collage
with wings outstretched (dance #1)
[40" x 56"]
with wings outstretched (dance #1)

encaustic/collage/photo transfer/charcoal

The first in a new series that involves dancing on the natural beeswax with charcoal on my feet. The process begins with the art flat on the floor, pristine... then I dip my feet repeatedly in the charcoal (taken from our Equinox fire in September) and dance. The imagery, shapes and flow of the piece emerge from the energy of the dance below. The song I danced to was 'There is XXXX within my heart' by You Say Party We Say Die. The title was taken from a line in the song, and is truly such a departure for me, that I feel I am flying, 'with wings outstretched' into very new territory. I had such a joyful time making this piece, and am learning about really letting go with this series.

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