Andrea Bird - Encaustic mixed-media collage
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You are invited to drop by "the hive" encaustic studio/school, in Alton at the Alton Mill (10 min. south of Orangeville in the Caledon Hills) - Andrea and/or Daniel are there most weekends from noon til 5pm or you can arrange for an appointment: 519-323-7611 or 323-3437.  Please note: if you want to be sure to connect and visit the hive, please call first! We have our art on the walls, and times to try out encaustic... see 'teaching' page on this site for more details.  It is a lovely place to spend some time, with over 25 artists/studios, galleries, walking trails through the woods, and a fresh-food cafe (Shaw's Creek, part of 'With the Grain' from Guelph - fantastic fare!) Lucky us!

New Work by Natalie Taylor, Jane Longman and Tania Wycherley at the hive!  Show runs until the end of January, 2013...

Buzz by the hive ( - just 7 minutes south of Orangeville, in the Caledon Hills.  This exhibit of small, affordable pieces in encaustic by natalie, jane, tania, andrea and daniel is worth checking out. 

'Fire & Ice' (January 19 and 20, 2013) is full of hands-on events, demonstrations and more! Lots to do at the Alton Mill during this time, with over 25 artists showing their work, galleries, fresh food cafe and walking trails through the woods... a great way to spend some time!  Hope to see you there.  Full schedule for this great event:

IMAGE: wall in the hive during the group show

Call us at 519-323-3437 to arrange a time to meet!





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