Andrea Bird - Encaustic mixed-media collage
  • Art in Guelph - This site has some great resources for those in the Guelph area and showcases many interesting artists - you will find me under 'friends of a-i-g'.
  • Ontario Society of Artists  - As a member of this historic group, I've met many talented and interesting artists.  Check out this site to see some diverse art, find out more about joining, and catach upon events in and around Toronto.
  • All Things Encaustic  - Check out this site for blog posts and a directory of encaustic artists and resources.
  • Ontario College of Art & Design - Located in downtown Toronto, there are all kinds of programs/classes/workshops and events to check out.
  • Elora Centre for the Arts - A converted stone school has been transformed - becoming a meeting place for artists, students and community events.  There is a lovely gallery here which is worth checking out if you are in Elora.  
  • Propeller Center for Visual Arts - This artist-run centre is a vibrant gallery located on Queen St. W. in the heart of Toronto's gallery district.  There are always interesting shows happening! 
  • R& F Encaustics - Located in Kingston, NY, R & F makes and sells encaustic supplies (amazing stuff!) Has an on-site gallery, newsletter, and more....Well  worth checking out if you are into this medium.
  • Guelph School of Art - on Wyndham St. in Guelph, this store has a great selection of art supplies, and a helpful friendly staff. 
  • Woman Made Gallery - Located in Chicago, IL, this gallery supports and promotes women's art...they often have juried shows that are open to Canadian artists, and their website is inspiring.
  • Green Museum - This website has wonderful examples of environmental art by many different artists working in this medium. Definetly worth a look! 
  • Dragonfly Arts - A wonderful eclectic gallery filled with beautiful art and exquisite crafts in Orangeville, ON.
  • Canvas Gallery - This is a gallery in Toronto that shows/sells my work, they have a great selection of affordable, fabulous art!!
  • Night and Day Studio - A hidden treasure just south of Mount Forest, ON, is worth a visit...Paul and Elsa have beautiful pottery in a wide variety of applicatons, from frost-proof planters to raku jewellery.  Check out their store in Elora too...Styll Gallery on Mill St.
  • - Located in Port Perry, ON, this wonderful gallery showcases the finest craft and art from a diverse group of artists.  One of the few locations where Andrea teaches off-site!  (The women who run this place are fantastic!) 
  • Autumn Leaves Studio Tour - This fall studio tour covers the area around Durham, Flesherton, Mount Forest and surrounding areas, and it is a great way to spend a day or a weekend!  The colours are beautiful and the art and craft is exquisite.  I'm at Night and Day Studios near Mount Forest the weekend before the Canadian Thanksgiving.
  • The 'Collective' provides easy access to original artwork by a wide variety of Toronto (and area) artists. Very accessible and informative.
  • The Silver Bridge Gallery, Bracebridge, Ontario, this gallery offers high quality, interesting work in a wide range of mediums:  painting (recently my paintings!) sculpture, jewellery, ceramics, glass, and fibre art.  A wonderful place to browse in this gem of a town nestled in the Muskoka area.
  • The Colour Jar Located right on the main street in Durham, ON - this unique art supply store offers great supplies, often from local sources, and classes in many disciplines.  I teach encaustic here a few times a year!
  • This new and exciting addition to the old town of Aurora is worth checking out... Karena has an interesting selection of art by a diverse group of artists.
  •  My dear friend who is a poet, writer, mentor, circle facilitator and more(!) is now living in Nanaimo, B.C.  She is recently promoting her wonderful writing mentoring program: Writing Home.  Well worth looking into!  Maryann and I led the Februrary Creativity Retreats for Women in Elora for several years. 

other artists to check out

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